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This is my own personal guide on how to take care of a pet beta fish. I’ve been taking care of these fish for around a decade now and I really figured out what works and what doesn’t so I decided to make a small little health guide to help people read and actually good resource available. I have found that the problem with a lot of the articles out there on the web right now that are really popular are there so commercialized and it seems like the authors are afraid to just tell the real facts because I don’t want beginners to screw anything up.

The first variable to absorb is what size tank you need for your fish. Our favorite fish is the discus species. Even though you literally by these fish in a small cup from the pet store that Shirley does not mean that these fish are supposed to live like this for the rest of your lives. And as far as all of the flower vases go and small tiny fishbowls that people are putting these fishing too that is completely wrong and immoral.


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5 Gallons Should Be Minimum

I like to tell people as a standard you should at least have 5 gallons of water space for your fish to swim around in. If you think about it seriously it’s around the equivalent of a human being living inside of one bedroom and if you have a smaller cup it’s probably like human living inside of the trunk of a car. We really have to sit back and wonder how much going to give the small pet to live inside and wonder what you as yourself would like to live in. Fish live inside aquariums and they are really small essentially and that's why we need to give aquarium fish our love and passion.  Fish are animals too and they deserve the same scenario as any other animal does.

Water Types for Bettas

When you go to your local pet store people noticed that a lot of them so little jugs of water design for beta fish. I got to tell you right away that these are a complete hoax and a scam to rip people off on thinking they need to buy this special water for the fish. This is basically a selling point for stores to make more money and large companies to take advantage of beginners.

When it comes to the water for your betta fish what you need to do is just buy some conditioner that is sold in the area of where are you would buy your fish food that your pet store. It is most commonly known as water conditioner. But the stuff does is it makes the water safer your fish to swim into right away because most of water that comes out of our faucets are full of harmful chemicals like Clarine and such to make sure they are cleaning for us to drink as humans.

Food and Feeding

It also seems that a lot of people think they need to constantly feed their fish. Chances are the employee at the pet store told you to get these little pellets and to feed him a couple of times a day. That’s actually completely false as well because the fishes stomach is only the size of the eyeball and if you think about it only one of those pallets can literally sit in the stomach safely.

To give you an idea of how much these fish eat it takes them around 13 to 14 days to starve to death completely with no food. So you have to cut back on feeding fish even though it’s sometimes tough because it’s the only interaction you have with your fish. You should also know that these fish are carnivores and you can get them blood worms and other foods like dried shrimp that they will love more than the basic pellets.

So you actually only need to feed them probably once a day and maybe some days you won’t even need to feed them. I know that comes someone as a shock to a lot of you but that’s actually the correct way and how they eat and natural habitat.

Water Changes

The single most important factor of taking care of your beta fish is changing out the water. There comes a point to where the water in the fish tank only has so much oxygen and it is all used up in that is why we need to add new water to the tank. We are going to do is use a small siphon hose to start the siphon inch and drain around 40% of the fish tank. After that we are going to add new water with water conditioner added to it and this is the most important factor taking care of your Betta.

Please make sure to leave all comments and any questions you may have been the comment section because I look forward to helping answer these. After all I have designed this guide to help people out there and especially beginners so please let me know I get some feedback.


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