Detailed Info on “SP Aquatics”

SP Aquatics was created by Sean Hawkins out of a garage just simply to create his own filtration for his reef aquarium. Unsatisfied with store bought filtration he began heavily researching all aspects involved in a well designed filter.  Word began to spread locally and before he knew it, he was selling filters across North America. He continued this for several years and paid his way through college at Old Dominion University were he studied Finance.

Filters soon were not enough, and custom aquariums quickly became a standard product as well. Soon after college part time was not enough to keep up with demand and he choose to leave his full time job and moved his operation into a larger facility.

SP Aquatics pushes for individuals to become more active in their local aquarium community through local organizations such as reef clubs. The sharing of experience good and bad helps others who may not have the same experience.  We are the proud sponsor of several Virginia Reef clubs as well as the sponsor for several online reef forums.

Many things have changed, but one thing remains the same, SP Aquatics only does it for the improvement of the hobby. We are enthusiasts in the truest sense, businessmen second.

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