Different Types of Tanks that SP Aquatics has to Offer – Their Selection

This is where we like to show off. All of our aquariums are acrylic, which we feel is far superior to glass in many ways.  If your one of the many people who are afraid to use acrylic aquariums because of horror stories about scratches, then you should read through our article on “caring for acrylic.”  Acrylic is an amazingly easy material to care for it just takes some different products and methods.

Here at SP Aquatics, we believe that not everyone wants a standard sized tank, some people love depth while some love tall aquariums.  We plan to give you just what you want, so go ahead email us about that 48″ tall tank you have been pining over for months and months.  You wont find a price list on our site, simply because we typically don’t build the same aquarium twice.  Please call or email us about any questions you may have.

A list of “some” of our features:

  • Rounded corners and access holes
  • All viewable seams polished crystal clear until nearly invisible
  • Available full tank seam polishing(optional)
  • Any panel available in blue or black(optional)
    • (we can also get red/green/yellow, etc. if you really really want it)
  • Internal or external overflow boxes, including the “Calfo Style” external overflow
    • named after reef author Anthony Calfo (overflow pictured to right)
  • Custom sized overflow boxes(optional)
  • Custom location of overflow boxes, i.e. corners, middle, island, etc.
  • Drilling for closed loop circulation and overflow drain/return lines(optional)
  • Solid one piece top with any access holes cut into them, much stronger than several pieces glued together to make a top


This is were it all started, no matter what size tank you have, we can make something to fit it. All of our sumps are custom tailored to your specs. You won’t have to worry if your protein skimmer or return pump will fit inside unlike standard issue generic sumps and wet dry filters.

If you have an idea of what you would like, we can create that, or you can draw from our years of experience and have us design one for your needs.

All we ask is that you provide us with the following information:

  • Size of space the sump will be placed in
  • Size of any equipment going inside of the sump(if you do not know, tell us the model and we can find out)
  • Number of overflows if any on your tank.  (At least one, either internal or external in the tank is required)
  • Zip code for estimate on shipping

There are two standard “styles” but remember we build what you want so feel free to get creative, we enjoy the challenge.

The dual overflow style, water enters on the left and right chambers, and flows into the middle chamber for the return pump.

All refugium chambers include a black panel as a way to keep algae growth within the refugium chamber.

Custom 30″x16″x16″sump for a 125 gallon system

The next style is for single overflows or where multiple drains are plumbed together to one spot. In this style, water flows from either the left or right through each chamber into the final return chamber for the return pump.

Custom 60″x30″x20″sump for a 700 gallon system

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