Freshwater Stingray Info for Fish Aquariums

Setup and Care Instructions:

Aquarium size: (for one stingray) 50 to 100 gallons

Aquarium bottom: Soft (i.e. sand) substrate. No sharp objects (gravel, rocks, sharp decorations, etc.) that may cut the stingray, allowing bacteria to enter or infection to develop.

Water Quality guides: 1.5 pounds of regular solar salt per 50 gallons water, 3 pounds of solar salt per 100 gallons. This will help to control the bacteria content of the water. Water quality is very important in the survival of your freshwater stingray.

Filters: Use a biological filter (or change the 1/3 of the water every day!) Contact us, or search the internet, if you need more information about biological filters.

Diet: Carnivore (Freshwater shrimp, snails, feeder fish, krill and other meaty foods). NOTE: The stingray may eat other aquarium fish that fit in it’s mouth.

Size of Adult: Disc size 12″ to 14″, length approximately 20″ to 26″ inches long. (Shipped size is approximately 6 ” to 7 “)

Water Temperature: 60-80 degrees F.

Safety: The Dasyatis Sabina Stingray, like other stingrays, did have a sharp, dangerous spine that could cause injury. We remove this spine prior to shipping all stingrays. However, this spine will grow back. Click on Spine Removal for more information.


Permits : Please check with your local Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ; and obtain any permits that may be required prior to purchasing.

From the freshwater habitats in the Florida rivers that flow into the Atlantic Ocean, these unique pets will quickly become the main attraction of your aquarium. These stingrays are fully acclimated to fresh water. We take pride in the best care of each stingray, from the time we catch it, to the time it arrives at your door. Over time, we have developed a solid understanding of the best process for taking care of these stingrays to ensure your satisfaction. In addition, we care about ensuring you have all the information about the proper care you need to ensure a long time of satisfaction and enjoyment. This web site includes this information, and we request you read the setup and care instructions before deciding to purchase.

STINGRAYS !  Fresh Water  “Dasyatis sabina”  $99.95 Each / Plus Shipping…FedEx Overnite to your door. The STINGRAYS Disc Size is Approx. 6–7 inches. “Arrive Alive” is our guarantee! Be sure to include your Zip Code with your order.

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